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Protection en Tchéquie 


As I wrote you last year, we have 12 years experience with the nest-boxes for Little Owls (type Schwarzenberger) with antimartens system (see images) placed on trees in landscape. Results: no Martens, but also no Little Owl. It seems to us, that it is too complicated for LO to go through this antimartens system. We use our own nestboxes without any inner antimarten-system at present time, but we place them on the walls (sheet metal, wooden or parget walls) of agricultural buildings. Our "antimartens system" is the selection of the nestbox location. The results: 1 breeding pair/2001, 2 pairs/2002 and 6 pairs/2003. The actual number of nestboxes is 115 in area about 2000 km2. I think, that these results bear on actual LO´s distribution in our region (they are concentrated especially in farms and close surroundings) - similar observation has Rottraut Ille from neighbouring region Weinviertel in Austria. With kind regards  Libor Oplustil, Czech Republic  

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